Emily Yun is Graphic Designer currently at HYPEBEAST in NYC.


Image layout design, post-production, and collage design live on Hypebeast + Hypebae platforms
Clients include Asics Gel Kayano, Vans, etc.


Developed and branded an identity + logo for Crack Couture ︎︎︎ a resin jewelry brand. Assisted with creative concepts and UI web design, as well as designed assets for promotional use such as posters, business cards, zines, 3D and motion graphics work.


Posters for an exhibition held at Casa Cascabel studio located in Mérida, Mexico. Designed at Studio Pacific


Why is America so obsessed with all things petite, Asian, and domesticated? What are the critical notions behind cuteness and, through its globalization, how has it evolved through mass consumption? These questions drove my personal investigation into a visual and semantic exploration of cuteness.


Spatial Noise is a hypothetical audio-immersive hypothetical pop-up ASMR Experience, located in Brooklyn, New York. It explores the strange world of ASMR, allowing people to interact with various types of ASMR triggers, such as tapping, crinkling, and more. The project was assigned to create a branded identity for a pop up shop that included promotional advertising, identity system, and product design.

Emily is a graphic designer based in New York. She is available for work & freelance. Feel free to say hi! ︎