3D / logo design / zine / posters

Developing and branding an identity for Crack Couture ︎︎︎ a resin jewelry brand. Assisted with creative concepts, as well as to created assets for promotional use such as posters, business cards, zines, and motion graphics work.

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Branding, Identity

2020 - present


Moving Poster series made in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where the language of urgency such as “stay home” reflects this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Motion Graphics


Ovuum Display is a high contrast serif display font. With the influence of Neoclassical / old-style Victorian forms, I was inspired to blend natural organic curves with a modern sharp tinge. For the creation of my first typeface, I wanted to create a typeface that felt elegant and friendly, but bold achieved through it’s high contrast strokes and round curves, similar to the materiality of an egg shell.

Typeface Design

2021 - present


Spatial Noise is an Interactive Pop Up ASMR Experience, located in Brooklyn, New York.

The Spatial Noise pop up allows people to explore different rooms throughout the space dedicatd to a certain ASMR triggers, such as tapping, crinkling, and more. At the end of the experience, people can buy products related to the world of ASMR, such as a pillow and noise-cancelling headphones.

The project was assigned to create an identity for a pop up shop that included promotional assets, logo design, and product application.

Spatial, Branding

Emily is a graphic designer based in New York. She is available for work & freelance. Feel free to say hi! ︎