Tags: Branding, Logo Design

Powerhouse ArtsPowerhouse Arts is a not-for-profit based in Gowanus and Red Hook, Brooklyn, established to create a robust platform for art production and employment in the arts. They are the redevelopment of the former Brooklyn Rapid Transit Power Station in Gowanus to create a new facility that houses fabrication and production facilities in wood, metal, ceramic, textile and print.

DeliverablesThis project was made in a Brand Identity Course taught at Parsons. The ask was to create a logo using the given name and create a visual identity for Powerhouse Arts, including other assets such as a postcard, flyers, etc.
Creative ExecutionI created a visual identity using striking bold colors and building block shapes that reflected its humanistic and inclusive mission to assist artists and creatives build and establish their projects into fruition. The typographic logo consists of a monotype that reflects the symmetrical box-like architecture of the building itself that was historically known for being the Batcave in Gowanus. It has a special stretched out E that also conveys the 3 tier floor of the building that will house the different facilities.