Crack Couture [2021]
Tags: Branding

Developed and branded an identity + logo design for Crack Couture, a resin jewelry brand. Crack Couture is a resin jewelry brand that creates bubbly nostalgic resin jewelry with an edgy twist.

I collaborated closely the creator of the brand to establish a visual identity that was nostalgic and playful, from initial moodboarding to final execution.

The visual identity was inspired by the bubbly, shiny resin material of the rings as well as the early 2000’s digital aesthetic. I wanted the brand identity to capture the materiality of the resin material, so we decided to go for a 3D medium and soft, hazy colors. Along with the logo and icon, I worked on developing a social media marketing campaign that would hopefully drive Gen-Z consumers to the products, using motion graphics, 3D, and other fun marketing material, such as flyers, a zine, and more.