Spatial Noise: The ASMR Experience

Branding, Identity 2019

Spatial Noise is an interactive hypothetical Pop Up ASMR Experience, located in Brooklyn, New York.

The Spatial Noise Pop Up explores the strange world of ASMR, allowing people to enter with headphones for an audioimmersive experience that detects where you move, setting off different sound experiences depending on which room you go to that has a certain ASMR trigger, such as tapping, crinkling, and more. At the end of the experience, people can buy products related to the world of ASMR, such as a pillow and noise-cancelling headphones. The pop up has a similar sophistacted tone as an exhibition would have, but with the ability to take away products that promote sound and sleep products at the same time.

The identity system consists of neutral tones and contrasting type to create a sense of mystery and strangeness that elevates the concept of ASMR being criticized for its weird, humorous, and offputting experience, while also being a serious ‘wellness’ tool that can offer help to some people in curing insomnia, anxiety, etc.

The project was assigned to create an identity for a pop up shop that included promotional advertising, visual cohesive identity system, and product design on items that would be found at the pop up.

Emily is a graphic designer based in New York. She is available for work & freelance. Feel free to say hi! ︎